Flexibility Marketing

Take advantage of volatile markets

Renewables on the rise, fossil fuel supply crisis - the energy markets are in the midst of a gigantic transformation. Along with this, both the level of market prices and their volatility have risen rapidly in recent years. This effect is expected to continue in the future, and storage facilities that can react flexibly to short-term price changes are experiencing a real boom. Vattenfall, as an active part of the energy transition and one of the largest marketers of flexible generation assets in Europe, is your partner of choice when it comes to marketing your asset.

Fixer Fahrplan - wer profitiert davon

Who benefits from flexibility marketing?

Pumped storage power plants, electrolysers or battery storage systems - the list of flexible plants that can simultaneously do without fossil fuels is long. Are you the (future) owner or operator of such a storage plant with an installed capacity of at least 20 MW? Are you looking for a partner in marketing and do you focus on reliability, long term and stability? With Vattenfall you will benefit from innovative, continuously updated and extended technologies for optimal operation on the market! Use complex and proven algorithms and maximize the value of your flexible generation plant!

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What does flexibility marketing offer you?

The control and optimised marketing of flexible generation capacity is our core competence - we have been generating and marketing energy for more than 100 years and can draw on relevant expertise. Coupled with our flexible storage facilities, Vattenfall is already one of the largest marketers of flexible capacity in both the wholesale/spot market (ID/DA) and the balancing energy markets (FCR, aFRR). As one of Europe's leading trading houses, we proactively drive the further development of marketing options and are also excellently positioned in the renewable energy sector.

Example: Flexibility Value Pools for Battery Systems

<img src=https://energysales.vattenfall.de/uploads/media/original/07/2707-4_example_group-breit2.png?v=1-0&inline=1>

We can flexibly capture the optimisation value of the different products to maximize the revenues of your battery system or other flexible asset.

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