Energy Trader

Trade electricity quickly and flexibly on the spot market

Your web access to European OTC trading

With our Energy Trader, we offer you unique online market access to OTC trading - from day-ahead to calendar year. Trade easily, quickly, and from anywhere: The Energy Trader web portal makes it particularly easy for you to identify price fluctuations and actively exploit market opportunities. Also available for smartphone and tablet.

Energy Trader Webportal

What does Energy Trader offer you?

Energy Trader is your professional, web-based access to the electricity market. You use Vattenfall's trading infrastructure - and thus a professional trading platform - as a web application for desktop and mobile devices. This means you enjoy full flexibility, are always informed wherever you are, and can trade quickly and independently.

Design your own dashboards through a customizable web interface. This way, you increase your efficiency and optimize your long-term procurement.

In addition, our customer portal is available for a complete overview of all commodities.

If you wish, you can also receive a daily newsletter with relevant news, fundamental and technical analysis of the energy market.

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How does it work?

You simply log in to our web application or use our interface - there are no IT costs and you do not need any software installation or accreditation.

Access to the electricity market is anonymous with Energy Trader, it takes place between the market partner and Vattenfall. All transaction processing is handled by Vattenfall, so you do not need to enter into or manage your own contracts with the other market partners.  

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Who benefits from Energy Trader?

Energy Trader offers a good opportunity especially for municipal utilities, regional suppliers, industrial companies and energy traders to participate in OTC trading and trade day-ahead to annual products.

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Access to OTC trading with little effort.
  • Web-based use of Vattenfall's infrastructure
  • 8-17 h market access in real time
  • Fast, clear, transparent
  • No installations or updates required


  • OTC live best bid / ask quotes
  • Easy credit limit administration and contract negotiation
  • No counterpart administration
  • REMIT reporting by Vattenfall possible
  • Ready to use anywhere and easily in the browser

Energy Trader

A unique market access to OTC trading

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Energy Trader

<span class="h3">Did you already know?</span>

How does the German power exchange work?

The electricity exchange is a trading venue for electrical energy, similar to a securities exchange. The traded products are time-limited amounts of electricity, for example for the following day, individual hours or longer periods of time. They are traded in megawatt hours (MWh). The German energy exchange is the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig.


Pricing on the stock market works by matching supply and demand. Buyers and sellers remain anonymous to ensure fair trade.

Who is allowed to trade on the electricity exchange?

Electricity is traded digitally on the electricity exchange. Trading participants include energy companies, electricity providers and major customers. They are connected to the stock exchange via interfaces and transmit their bids for buying and selling electronically.

What is the OTC Market?

OTC stands for Over-the-Counter and refers to bilateral energy trading - i.e. without the use of an electricity exchange. Overall, only about 15 percent of electricity is traded on the energy exchange, the remaining 85 percent is traded via OTC trading. However, the ratio has been turning since the beginning of 2022, as many players appreciate the additional security on the stock market in times of energy crisis with high and volatile prices.

OTC trading is often carried out through brokers - that is, brokers.

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