Sustainable Energy Services

Benefit from our many years of experience and market proximity in the complex world of energy supply. As a large-scale consumer, you face a wide range of challenges, from the increasing importance of renewable energies to political influences and changes on the international commodity markets. All these developments influence your decisions and have an impact on your competitive advantage in energy purchasing or sales.

Market access - your access to trading on energy markets

In addition, we enable you to trade directly on the European energy markets. Whether you want to actively market power and gas on the forward or spot market, we open the door to all major energy and certificate markets in Europe. Our wide range of market access options allows you to trade flexibly, regardless of your trading volume, and benefit from our robust infrastructure. With any terminal and from anywhere, you can thus participate in energy trading.

Portfolio services - comprehensive advice and support

We work with large consumers, generators, and utilities on the energy transition to achieve a sustainable energy supply without fossil fuels. We offer comprehensive support in portfolio, balancing group or risk management. Our experienced portfolio managers develop customized strategies and implement them efficiently to realize your sustainable energy supply.

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Market information - stay informed

We offer you a comprehensive overview of what's happening on the energy markets. You will receive market information on electricity, gas, coal, oil and emissions trading as well as current prices. Use our energy market screen to access all relevant markets. For additional important news and analysis, we recommend our newsletter service.

Vattenfall Europe Power Management

As an independent service provider, VEPM offers comprehensive portfolio services, market analyses and automated trading products. With 20 years of experience in the liberalized market, they support large industrial companies and municipal utilities in optimizing their energy procurement and marketing. Learn more about their personalized consulting, reliable information and transparent market access for a successful implementation of the energy transition.

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