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Your online platform for energy market developments

Use the Price Screen (read only) for a real-time market overview

You want to follow the happenings in wholesale trading for electricity, gas, coal, oil and emission certificates live and always be well informed. You want full transparency and flexibility on your desktop computer or on the go?

Vattenfall's Price Screen is the information platform for everyone who wants to be up to date on price developments on the European energy markets at all times. The portal brings the latest first-hand OTC quotes from active traders directly to you - even to your mobile device.

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Who offers you the Price Screen (read only)?

With the Price Screen (read only), Vattenfall provides you with a platform that gives an up-to-date price overview of all important commodities on Central European energy markets. OTC quotes from the largest European brokers are displayed one-to-one in real time.

The Price Screen (read only) provides a unique market overview with best-of-screen - stationary as desktop version, web application or as mobile app. This way, you can stay reliably informed about developments on the commodity markets at any time and from anywhere. This expert knowledge can be a valuable basis for you to make pricing and procurement/sales decisions.

5 years

Delivery periods Day-ahead to 5 years ahead

Need-based source of information instead of a flood of data

Depending on the data and analyses you need for your business, you can view specifically the products, countries and delivery periods that are relevant to you. You can call up trading data for

  • the products electricity, gas, coal and emission allowances (EUA)
  • the countries Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • as well as the delivery periods day-ahead to 5 years ahead.

How does it work?

With the Price Screen (read only) you get real-time market information. This gives you an overview of wholesale trading in electricity, gas, coal, oil and emission certificates.
Flexible models

You decide yourself how many commodities or markets you have activated and how many accesses you would like to have to them. The monthly costs depend on the respective number.

We will gladly explain the details to you. Of course you also have the possibility to test the Price Screen (read only) without obligation and free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Behind Price Screen (read only) is Vattenfall's extensive network of contacts with the most important European energy brokers and Joule, a trading software developed by Trayport Ltd. Both together give you the advantages of one of the most professional platforms for OTC traded energy related commodities currently available.

Price Screen (read only) can either be installed locally on your computer or used web-based in the browser. In the browser-based version, an Internet connection allows you to access your personal workstation at any time and from anywhere in the world. You are not tied to an operating system or a specific PC or tablet.

The Price Screen (read only) is also available as an iOS app for quick access with the iPhone. In addition, the market data can be easily exported and further processed via the Excel connection. 

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Who benefits from the Price Screen (read only)?

The Price Screen (read only) supports market participants who are actively involved in wholesale energy trading. These include municipal utilities, regional suppliers, industrial companies and energy traders.

With the Price Screen (read only), you always keep an eye on the developments on the energy markets relevant to you and thus have a sound basis for decisions, for example, on optimal procurement times

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Developments on the commodity markets for electricity, gas, EUA and coal always and everywhere in view
  • Real-time trading data with best-of-screen (best bid/offer)
  • One-to-one OTC quotes from the most important European energy brokers
  • Expert knowledge as a basis and support, e.g. for price decisions and determination of optimal procurement times


  • Analyses of the various energy markets possible via Excel API
  • Countries: Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Delivery periods from day-ahead to 5 years ahead
  • Excel connection (live market data export)
  • Available as desktop version, web application or iOS app for mobile devices

Price Screen (read only) - Market overview in real time

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Which information platform provides a good overview of energy market developments?

Vattenfall offers various newsletters that provide daily or weekly information on current price developments in wholesale electricity, gas, coal, oil and emission certificates. The Price Screen (read only) even offers live information on the markets mentioned. It is an online market overview that allows you to follow live what is happening on the international energy markets.

Which information platform is suitable for the OTC market?

Vattenfall's Price Screen (read only) provides live information on the international OTC markets for electricity, gas, coal, oil and emission certificates. It thus provides an extraordinary and comprehensive overview in real time.

How does the Price Screen (read only) work?

Vattenfall's Price Screen (read only) is an information platform with price developments from the European energy markets. The portal is based on current OTC quotes from active traders. It covers electricity, gas, coal, oil and emission certificates. The Price Screen (read only) can either be installed locally on a computer, used web-based in the browser or as an iOS app.

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