Classic market access

Procuring energy: simple and transparent

Use our market access for your energy trading

You want an experienced and professional partner who offers you classic market access for the purchase of electricity, gas and emission certificates. For this purpose, you should have access to a wide variety of markets, commodities and products, but also to the greatest possible diversity of trading partners.

We offer you reliable access to all important trading centers for energy in Europe - with a network of over 250 trading partners. Put your trust in our experienced international trading team.

Marktzugang Commodities

What does traditional market access for commodities offer you?

Through Vattenfall, you gain market access for electricity, emission allowances and gas. Our team of experienced portfolio managers is active for you in these markets, advising and supporting you in your buying or selling interests. Due to our professional infrastructure you have the possibility to react immediately to developments.

With traditional market access for electricity and other energy products via the Vattenfall infrastructure, you benefit from synergies and the professional processes of one of Europe's leading energy trading houses.  

Fixer Fahrplan - wie funktionierts

How does it work?

For your energy trading, you can place various order types - limit order, market order or stop trigger - with us, depending on your wishes, which we will place and monitor for you within an agreed period of time. In order to act quickly on the energy market, you can also conclude transactions or place your orders directly over the phone.

Instead of fixed fees for market access, we execute all trades at the market price and charge a commission for the brokerage.

Fixer Fahrplan - wer profitiert davon

Who benefits from traditional market access for commodities?

Through Vattenfall, our trading partners such as municipal utilities, regional suppliers and industrial companies gain active market access on transparent and fair terms.

Services & advantages at a glance

  • Active market access
  • One contract for all commodities
  • No fixed fees
  • Best Execution Policy
  • Advisory services on transactions without proprietary trading interest
  • Individual orders (limit order, market order, stop trigger)
  • Market proximity: Use of Vattenfall's professional infrastructure with access to more than 250 trading partners
  • Europe-wide trading
  • Commodities: electricity, gas & emission certificates
  • Delivery periods: Intraday up to 5 years ahead
  • REMIT reporting possible as mirror reports by Vattenfall

<span class="h3">Did you already know?</span>

What types of orders are there?

With Vattenfall's classic market access, we offer the order types Limit Order, Market Order or Stop Trigger. With different order types, buyers and sellers set prices or price corridors at which they want to buy or sell. If the price is reached, the buy or sale is executed. By setting it in advance, trading participants reduce their risks.

How does a limit order work?

A limit order is not executed at the next possible time, but at the fixed - or even better - price.


In this way, a trader ensures that a purchase or sale is only executed at his or her desired price. Particularly in the case of goods or shares with strong price fluctuations, a limit order reduces the risk.

How does a market order work?

A market order is an unlimited order for a buy or sell. This is not linked to a price, but should be executed in any case and as soon as possible.

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