Green Corporate PPAs

Green electricity with guarantees of origin for your company

Sustainably produced electricity directly from the producer

You would like to purchase green electricity from Germany for your industrial company and thus ensure greater sustainability. Climate protection, CO2 reduction and renewable energies are pillars of your actions.

Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) offer industrial customers the opportunity to become long-term partners in wind and solar projects and thus make a verifiable contribution to climate protection even without their own investments. Vattenfall supports you with a lot of know-how and project experience.

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What do Green Corporate PPAs offer you?

Under CPPAs, you receive your green power directly from the generator and can count on fixed conditions. Such a model offers advantages for all parties involved: You, as the buyer, hedge against price fluctuations. In addition, you obtain green electricity with guarantees of origin directly from the source - an important contribution to achieving your company's sustainability goals and improving your carbon footprint. Plant operators gain planning certainty for their electricity revenues in times when subsidies are declining or no longer available.

Vattenfall has already implemented numerous CPPA projects and supports you with many years of expertise: we are one of the largest project developers and operators of renewable plants and one of the top 10 direct marketers in Europe.

Our markets

In Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Scandinavia, we operate wind, solar and hydropower plants and market the ecologically generated electricity. Would you like to find the right plant for a Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement? Then click on your market - there you will find our capacities. At the bottom of the page you will find our contact details. There we will be happy to help you.

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How does it work?

Certification of electricity supply with guarantees of origin is possible.

Step 1

You choose your required quantity and the power profile. We will deliver the desired quantity "as produced" or gladly take over the structuring in a standard product.

Step 2

We supply you with renewable-generated electricity directly from a wind or solar plant in our own portfolio, or from one of our partners' plants - completely independent of government requirements.

Step 3

Our fixed prices have terms of up to ten years, so you can plan for the long term.

Fixer Fahrplan - wer profitiert davon

Who benefits from green corporate PPAs?

Green Corporate PPAs are of interest to industrial companies, trading companies, municipal utilities and redistributors, as well as consumers who want to demonstrably realize their electricity purchases from renewable plants.

Grünes Flachland mit einzelnen Windrädern.

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Contact us and receive your individually tailored offer.

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CPPAs - The new way to more sustainability for your company. For more information, you can download additional documents here.

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Direct supply of renewably generated electricity according to your requirements, e.g. from new wind and solar plants
  • Green electricity purchases with guarantees of origin to improve your carbon footprint
  • Contributing to the environment and achieving your sustainability goals.
  • Planning security through fixed conditions
  • Long-term terms of up to 10 years with fixed prices
  • Vattenfall as a professional partner: one of the largest project developers and operators of renewable plants and a pioneer of green corporate PPAs in Europe

Green power directly from the producer

What are Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs)?

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How can companies act sustainably?

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for companies - not least because it is becoming more and more important socio-politically. Since energy demand accounts for a large proportion of CO2 emissions for many companies, it makes sense to switch to renewable energies. One way to do this is to conclude a Power Purchse Agreement (PPA). This is a long-term power supply contract - often based on renewable energies and often even from regional generation plants.

What is a renewable energy PPA?

A PPA with renewable energies is a power purchse agreement - i.e. a long-term, bilateral electricity supply contract in which a large consumer receives the electricity directly from a wind or solar farm. A renewable PPA is also known as a Green PPA or Greenfield PPA.

Where does green electricity come from?

Green electricity - also known as renewable electricity or green electricity - is produced in generation plants that are powered, for example, by wind or sun or other regenerative energy sources. Like conventional electricity, the electricity is fed into the power grid and traded on the electricity exchange.

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