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Easy and flexible access to the spot market

With Click & Trade you act flexibly on the electricity spot market

You want to buy or sell electricity quantities on the day-ahead market in order to balance your balancing group with as little effort as possible and optimize your energy portfolio? You want a web portal to be able to use access to the spot market flexibly?

Our Click & Trade application takes you directly to EPEX Spot - without the need for your own exchange access.

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What does Click & Trade offer you?

With the Internet-based platform Click & Trade, you can easily trade on the spot market. Without having to be accredited at EPEX, you adjust your balancing group by buying and selling electricity quantities via the auction day-ahead as well as intraday, accurate to the hour and quarter.

With the help of the portal, you directly place your demand as a buy or sell order, with and without limit, and can thus balance your daily schedule. Click & Trade is available as an application for desktop and mobile devices. 

How does it work?

Operate on the spot market in three simple steps:

1. your personal access

We will set up an account for you. You can log in at any time with your log-in data.

2. place order

After registration, you can place orders or bids - either without price limits (market order) or with price limits (limit order). You have the option of placing up to four bids for the following seven days.

3. confirmation of your activities

After the auction has ended, you will receive a "Confirmation" via the online order book and by e-mail. This informs you whether and at what prices your bids have been allocated for the following day on the exchange. All your trades are listed in the order book. Various filter functions allow you to easily structure the individual trading days.

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Convenient monthly payment

Clearing - the netting of profits and losses, the calculation of margins, as well as the physical and financial final settlement - takes place on the exchange every day. Vattenfall takes care of this for you, both financially and administratively. You simply pay your invoice to Vattenfall every month.

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Who benefits from Click & Trade?

Click & Trade is ideal for all market participants who want easy access to the spot market. In particular, municipal utilities, regional suppliers, industrial companies, energy traders and generators can use it to easily optimize their electricity portfolio.

Services & advantages at a glance


  • Exchange trading without own accreditation
  • access to the two auctions (day-ahead and intraday) of the EPEX Spot exchange
  • Low administrative effort (no clearing, margining, IT)
  • Flexible order options (market or limit order; up to four orders can be placed in parallel)
  • Minimization of your open positions
  • Reduction of balancing energy risks and expansion of your procurement options
  • Fast and efficient processes and reliable settlement



  • High level of security through the use of a multi-level encryption and identification system.
  • Easy data processing through import and export function (MS Excel)
  • High level of user-friendliness (online help)
  • Advance payment by Vattenfall - convenient monthly payment for you
  • Transparency for your billing through order book
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Web application for desktop and mobile devices


Click & Trade

Learn more about Click & Trade

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How do companies gain access to the electricity spot market?

Companies such as municipal utilities, regional suppliers and industrial companies that want to participate in the day-ahead market are best advised to choose spot market access. With a market access, customers can actively participate in trading - without administrative effort, costs for exchange accreditations or complex IT installations. Click & Trade at Vattenfall offers access to the sports market. There, customers can buy or sell electricity volumes on the day-ahead market via a web portal. The web application for the EPEX Spot auction is available for desktop and mobile devices.

What distinguishes stock market access from market access?

In order to trade on the exchange themselves - i.e. to have their own exchange access - companies require accreditation on an electricity exchange, for example EPEX Spot. Market access, on the other hand, offers access to different markets without incurring costs for exchange accreditations or requiring complex IT installations.

What are the advantages of Click & Trade?

Click & Trade is the easy access to the spot market. The web application works on the computer as well as on mobile devices, it offers a high level of security, simple data processing and high user-friendliness. Users adjust their balancing group by procuring and selling electricity quantities on the day-ahead market as well as on the intraday market on an hourly and quarterly basis.

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