Electricity & Gas Balancing Group Management

Management of your balancing group - secure & individual

Your balancing group for electricity or gas - always balanced.

Keeping your balancing group constantly in balance and in accordance with all guidelines and obligations is a complex task. The technical and professional requirements are high and demand a lot of personnel and know-how. Do you want to play it safe and outsource your balancing group management for electricity or gas?

With our wide range of services for balancing group management for electricity and gas, you've come to the right place. We take on tasks exactly according to your wishes - so that your balancing groups for electricity and gas are always balanced.

Bilanzkreismanagement Strom und Gas

What does balancing group management for electricity and gas offer you?

On request, we can take over individual or individually combined energy data management tasks associated with the administration and management of your electricity and/or gas balancing group. This allows you to concentrate on your core tasks and benefit from efficient processes. Via Vattenfall, communication with network operators or market area managers (MAMs) and trading partners is guaranteed around the clock.

We can support you in balancing group management with the following services:


Balancing group management

  • Establishment of balancing groups for electricity and gas - we will be glad to assist you in concluding balancing group contracts
  • Acceptance of forecasts for energy supply
  • Position monitoring
  • Schedule nomination and renomination
    • Registration of all transactions within the scope of balancing group management electricity and gas
    • Schedule nomination of third party quantities
    • Europe-wide nomination for the markets Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia for electricity and gas as well as additionally Slovenia for electricity and Poland for gas
  • 24/7 Operations


Balancing your balancing group

at the day-ahead and intraday auction for electricity as well as at the continuous spot or intraday market.


Communication in accordance with the "Market Rules for the Execution of Electricity Balancing Group Settlement" (MaBiS)

  • Energy data management
  • Data exchange with market partners (e.g. provision of balancing-relevant time series to the market partners; receipt, verification and confirmation of settlement total time series from TSO/MGV)
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Who benefits from balancing group management for electricity and gas?

All market participants who manage or wish to set up their own balancing group can use Vattenfall's services to place tasks in competent hands and simplify their processes.

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Balancing group management: setting up the balancing groups, registration of all transactions.
  • Schedule nomination and renomination: forecasts, creation of standardized schedules, timely nomination to the TSO or MGV, schedule nomination of third-party volumes
  • Closing of open balancing group positions in the day-ahead and intraday market


  • Communication according to MaBiS: Energy data management, data exchange with market partners.
  • 24/7 availability vis-à-vis the TSO or MGV and the trading partners
  • Reduction of balancing energy costs
  • Efficient processes through direct settlement via Vattenfall


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