Sales Trading

Trade energy: simple and fast

Use our access to standard trading products for your energy trade

You want an experienced and professional partner who offers you access to the purchase and sale of electricity, gas as well as certificates without the need to conclude a separate market access agreement?

We offer you reliable access to all important trading centers for energy in Europe - with a network of more than 250 trading partners. Rely on our experienced international trading team.

What does access to the Sales Trading Desk offer you?

After concluding a framework agreement or EFET, we offer you the possibility to procure your energy quantities via the Sales Trading Desk. This gives you direct access to the trading markets and gives you the opportunity to procure or sell electricity and gas products from standard trading products to decimal places as well as certificates.

Fixer Fahrplan - wie funktionierts

How does it work?

Through our Sales Trading connection, you have the possibility to submit energy purchase and sales requests directly by e-mail, telephone or via independent internet platforms and receive a binding final price for your request directly.

Fixer Fahrplan - wer profitiert davon

Who profits from Sales Trading?

Our Sales Trading Desk is suitable for municipal utilities, regional suppliers and industrial companies that want to buy and sell their volumes directly. Ideal for market participants who also purchase non-standardized trading volumes at a fixed price.

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