Direct Market Access

Electricity and gas trading with direct OTC transactions

Benefit from full spot and forward market access in gas and power trading with Direct Market Access.

You have a large trading volume, want direct access to the spot and forward market for electricity and gas, and need a professional solution.

With Direct Market Access (DMA), you can actively participate in the OTC market via Vattenfall's infrastructure and trade your energy directly in the market. You get access to the main physical power and gas markets in Europe and see all OTC quotes in real time via app and browser.

Termin- und Spotmarktzugang DMA

What does Direct Market Access offer you?

With Direct Market Access (DMA) for electricity and gas, you use a full-fledged trading venue with all the associated functionalities, such as display of OTC data in real time, indicative prices, Excel connection, trading screen, voice trading, and limit and stop management.

As your contractual partner, Vattenfall provides the infrastructure, grants access to over 250 trading partners and handles the transaction processing - all of which saves costs and administrative effort for your company. And you are able to act on the gas and electricity market through us from day one.

Fixer Fahrplan - wie funktionierts

How does it work?

Direct Market Access is based on the trading screen "Joule" of the company Trayport Ltd. as Software as a Service (SaaS). The software and IT infrastructure are operated by Trayport and used by you as a service. Advantages of the SaaS model are short implementation times and immediate access to the latest changes without additional waiting time. You do not need to worry about IT maintenance.

Joule enables electricity and gas trading with its own counterparts and via Vattenfall's DMA in one screen. The platform also offers extensive configuration options and additional features such as price histories and the availability of OTC quotes in real time via an app.

The trading platform lists the best quotes from each of the best-known brokers and counterparts (delivery period from day-ahead to 5 years ahead). 

Termin- und Spotmarktzugang Strom und Gas

Who benefits from Direct Market Access?

DMA is suitable for customers with an affinity for trading, such as municipal utilities, regional suppliers, industrial companies, and energy traders who want to buy and sell high volumes directly. Ideal for market participants who want to open up new trading markets, efficiently increase their trading volumes, or leverage cost synergies as part of restructuring.

Energy Market Europe

We not only support German companies with Direct Market Access, but also international companies.

On the map you can see in which markets we offer electricity market access and gas market access.

Power (yellow): Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia

Gas (blue): TTF, NCG, GASPOOL, OTE, TRS, PEGN, Zeebrugge, ZTP and NBP

Services and advantages at a glance

  • Professional access to all major trading markets for electricity and gas in Central Europe via Vattenfall infrastructure.
  • Direct trading with more than 250 trading partners possible (Vattenfall assumes trading partner risk)
  • Full transparency through display of all OTC quotes in real time - available via app and browser
  • Low administrative effort and cost benefits through transaction processing via Vattenfall
  • Daily position report as well as limit report
  • Electricity: Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech
  • Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK.
  • Gas: TTF, NCG, Gaspool, NBP, PEG, CEGH
  • Delivery periods: from day-ahead to 5 years ahead
  • Excel connection
  • Compliance with REMIT obligations possible
  • Solid S&P BBB+ rating via the Swedish parent company Vattenfall AB

<span class="h3">Did you already know?</span>

What is a Direct Market Access? 

Direct Market Access (DMA) is suitable for companies that need a lot of electricity or gas and want to trade them themselves. Through a professional energy trader such as Vattenfall, they get direct access to the spot and futures market for electricity and gas.

What are the benefits of Direct Market Access?

Direct Market Access (DMA) offers many advantages over setting up an in-house trading department: companies need less of their own staff with trading expertise, simply connect to Vattenfall's technical infrastructure, see all OTC quotes of the most important physical electricity and gas markets in Europe in real time via app and browser, and actively participate in the OTC market quickly and easily,  to trade their energy directly in the market.

Können Unternehmen selbst Strom handeln?

An der Strombörse wird digital mit Strom gehandelt. Zu den Handelsteilnehmern gehören Energiekonzerne, Stromanbieter und Großkunden. Sie sind über Schnittstellen an die deutsche Strombörse angebunden und übermitteln ihre Gebote für Kauf und Verkauf elektronisch.

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