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Turbulent year: energy and CO2 trading in 2021


Price developments on the energy markets in 2021 have astonished even the most experienced retailers. What does this mean for the own purchasing strategy and what are the prospects for the future?

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Flexibility – the future for producers and consumers?


The expansion of renewable energies requires more flexibility - from everyone involved. What does flexibility mean and how can producers and industrial companies benefit from their own flexibility?

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The EEG 2021 - a good (expansion) path for renewables?


The new EEG has been in force since January 1, 2021. What changes does it bring for project planning, operation and marketing and how can they be assessed?

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Eine Anlage für Ökogas und Wasserstoff von innen.

From eco-gas to hydrogen - how green can gas be?


The range of "green" gas products is large and sometimes confusing. What are the differences? Which products and certificates are traded?

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Development of the energy market - under the influence of the Corona pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic is impacting the entire economy. How are energy and commodity markets being affected? What are the implications for renewable energies?

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Eine grüne Wiese, auf der mehrere Windräder zu sehen sind.

Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreements


Green CPPAs allow industrial companies to purchase renewable energy for extended periods. What are the benefits and drawbacks for plant operators and bulk buyers?

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Ein Solarpark, bei dem im Hintergrund Windräder zu sehen sind.

Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the wind blows – Hybrid parks as an ideal symbiosis for power generation


Solar parks generate their electricity particularly during the day in sunny weather, while the opposite applies to wind turbines. So why not combine the two? Hybrid power plants are the ideal answer and are already being operated and tested.

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Einzelne Kohlestücke.

The coal phase-out - energy industry assessment and options for action


The coal phase-out is coming for sure. What exactly does this mean for the electricity price and power plant operation?

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Drei Windräder auf einer Wiese bei untergehender Sonne.

Power Purchase Agreements – Marketing model of the future for renewables?


PPAs offer many advantages: Project developers and producers can secure their generation from over-20 plants, and customers are supplied with green electricity securely and on a long-term basis. What other opportunities and risks do PPAs offer in contrast to direct marketing?

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