EEG Direct Marketing Wind and Solar

Grid integration of wind and solar farms with EEG support

Secure and economical market integration of your EEG electricity

You operate or invest in wind or solar plants. You are looking for a professional and experienced direct marketer for your renewable energies? We take over your direct marketing from a total volume of 10 MW (individual plants > 1 MW) and remunerate according to the contractual agreement.

At Vattenfall, we have been active in EEG direct marketing since 2012 and cover all processes of direct marketing of wind and direct marketing of solar under one roof - whether we take care of your wind power or your PV production.

EEG Direktvermarktung - Solaranlage vor Windturbinen

What does EEG direct marketing offer you?

Direct marketing from a single source: With our many years of experience in the field of renewable energies, we make it very easy for you to integrate your produced electricity from 1 MW per individual plant from wind or solar energy into the European electricity market. You can rely on fast and secure processes, such as credits for electricity revenues or processes with grid operators.

24/7 market access

Through our 24/7 market access, teams of experts ensure that the EEG electricity generated is optimally sold on the trading venues. As your EEG direct marketer, Vattenfall bears the marketing risks. In addition, the high creditworthiness of our company - wholly owned by the Swedish government - minimizes the economic risk for you as an operator.

Service portfolio direct marketing of solar power and wind power

We prepare generation forecasts and reliably implement remote control of the plants. Attractive additional services are available on request: for example, we support you in marketing channels outside the market premium system, develop supply solutions for your own power requirements from EEG plants, or direct marketing in other European countries.

Flexible contract design In our cooperation with you, we attach great importance to fair contractual terms based on partnership. For example, you can agree individual terms in line with your financing needs and market expectations.

Fixer Fahrplan - wie funktionierts

How does it work?

Based on your plant types and locations, we draw up a contract for your EEG direct marketing and register your plants with the grid operator.

As a rule, the grid operator pays the market premium for the plants without a fixed feed-in tariff directly to the operating company within the framework of the two-stream model. If desired, the single-stream model can also be agreed upon for a fee, so that the market premium payment is made by Vattenfall.

Furthermore, we offer additional optional services such as load profile data dispatch, electronic invoice dispatch, peak billing procedure, Section 51 (1) EEG hedging, group guarantee and remote control tests. If REMIT transaction reports are legally required for your plant, we will take care of them free of charge.

Fixer Fahrplan - wer profitiert davon

Who benefits from EEG direct marketing?

Vattenfall offers operators, investors and managers of EEG-eligible plants comprehensive services for the market integration of wind and solar power. From a total volume of 10 MW and for individual plants from 1 MW, Vattenfall is happy to take over the direct marketing of the EEG electricity for you.

Windräder, die in einer grünen Landschaft zu sehen sind.

Offer request direct marketing

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Downloads for EEG direct marketing

Benefit from the advantages of a strong partner. For more information, download our flyer or the master data templates, or send us a request to receive the direct marketing contract.

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Services and advantages at a glance

  • Competent marketing of your electricity volumes via Vattenfall's 24/7 market access.
  • Reliable, fast and smooth processes for electricity revenue credits
  • Secure processes with grid operators
  • Assumption of marketing risks and essential work packages
  • Reliable setup of remote control of your plants
  • Takeover of REMIT notifications
  • Individual terms according to your financing needs and market expectations
  • Conditions based on partnership
  • Flexible implementation of various settlement options according to your wishes
  • Agreed contracts with all well-known banks
  • Market know-how and experience from one of the leading direct marketers in Germany
  • Support for marketing channels outside the market premium scheme (corporate PPAs)
  • Supply solutions for own power requirements of EEG plants
  • Direct marketing solutions in other European countriesReliable, fast and smooth processes for electricity revenue credits

What is the market premium?

In the case of direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies, the electricity is sold in most cases via the market premium model on the electricity exchange. Instead of the EEG subsidy, the direct marketer receives an average monthly market value and the market premium. The difference between the wholesale electricity price and the plant-specific subsidy amount is thus compensated by the market premium.

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<span class="h3">Did you already know?</span>

What is direct marketing of electricity?

In direct marketing, electricity from renewable energies is sold directly, for example via the market premium model on the EEX power exchange. A distinction is made between the mandatory direct marketing of new plants and the optional direct marketing of existing plants.


New plants that were put into operation on or after 1 January 2016 and have an installed capacity of at least 100 kW must market their electricity directly (Section 20 EEG 2021). In addition, these systems must be remotely controllable. Existing plants can easily switch to direct marketing and return to the usual remuneration model on a monthly basis.

Who pays the market premium?

The market premium is paid out by the distribution network operator. In addition, the plant operator receives the exchange revenue from the direct marketer as the average monthly market value of the corresponding energy source (wind, solar). The sum of the market premium and the market value is at least equal to the fixed feed-in tariff.

How does the market premium model work?

The market premium model ensures the plant operator a revenue at least equal to the fixed feed-in tariff. It consists of the market value, which is paid out by the direct marketer, and the market premium, which is paid out by the distribution grid operator. The market premium compensates for the difference between the current market value and the plant-specific subsidy amount.

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