Private and commercial customers

Are you a residential or commercial customer and have questions about your bill, meter readings, budget billing or faults?

You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the telephone number: <a class="arrow">040 180 409 092</a>

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Request Form CPPA

<p>Are you interested in CPPAs and want to purchase energy for your business?</p>

Telephone number

040 24430 559


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Angebotsanfrage CPPA

Request Form PPA

<p>Are you interested in PPAs or direct marketing and are a plant operator or investor?</p>

Telephone number

040 24430 559


Request for quotation

Angebotsanfrage EEG-Direktvermarktung

Angebotsanfrage PPAs

Request Form Market Accesses

<p>Are you interested in market access, portfolio services and energy delivery?</p>

Individual Request Form

<p>Are you interested in individual products adapted to your requirements?</p>

Metropolis-Haus in Hamburg von außen

You can find us here

Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH and its wholly owned subsidiary Vattenfall Europe Power Management GmbH are centrally located in Hamburg - and can be reached within a few minutes from Hamburg Main Station.

Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz 2
20457 Hamburg

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Contact sheet

Here you will find the current communication data sheet of Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH required for electronic data exchange.

With this information, we offer you an additional possibility to obtain our market communication data. The processes defined by the Federal Network Agency for announcing and updating the communication parameters in the market remain unaffected.

Download contact sheet network users (PDF GER)